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Seed Bank Sensor Kit Display


Customer Problem

Forestry teams members - such as seed bank managers and project owners - want to be able to monitor the status of the seed banks and the out-planting viability of the seeds their seed bank stores. 

Business Goal

Terraformation has a goal of selling 10,000 seed banks to their partners. Seed banks store seeds that will be out-planted in native forests, which is an important step to reversing climate change. The Seed Bank Sensor Kit Display plays a key role in keeping partners up-to-date about their seed bank status.


Product Designer




Terraformation Seeds Team (Product)

Collaborated with the Lead Designer and Product Manager

User Research

Target Users:

Since Terraformation is a startup, the company doesn't have much of an external user base to pull from - so the design team used our own Forestry Team members as the measuring stick for the user needs that have to be fulfilled. After conducting preliminary interviews with members of the Forestry team, we realized the people would be using this Seed Bank Sensor Kit Display are Project Owners (someone who would oversee an entire forestry project/site) and Seed Bank Managers (someone who would oversee the day-to-day workings of the seed bank).

Feedback Loop:

Our team set up weekly meetings to share designs with the Forestry team to ensure that our designs were providing value and meeting their needs. We gained many valuable insights from these meetings that directly translated into the creating of the features below. Some of the key takeaways from these meetings were:

1. Users wanting to know what the immediate seed bank action items are at a glance 

2. The desire to monitor data patterns in the seed bank to evaluate how to manage the seed bank in the future

3. Being able to customize the order of the data displayed on the dashboard in order of priority


Building out a notification and monitoring system + sensor kit display in order for users to be able to view seed bank data history/patterns as well as receiving alerts related to seed viability in the seed bank (temperature, humidity, battery power, and connectivity).


Includes data visualization for sensor data
 and dashboard personalization
Alert management
 and history
Seed Bank Sensor Kit Display Dashboard

Data Visualization

In order for users to get a clear idea of their seed bank's status, the Seed Bank Dashboard alerts them to any  immediate action items that need to be resolved. The graphs on the dashboard allow the user to monitor external and internal factors that affect seed viability for out-planting - such as temperature and humidity, battery power, connectivity, and the climate/weather.

SBD Full Page - Home (3 Alerts).png
SBD Full Page - Home (3 Alerts).png
SBD Full Page - Home (3 Alerts).png
SBD Full Page - Home (3 Alerts).png
SBD Full Page - Home (3 Alerts).png
SBD - No Alerts.png
SBD - Empty State.png

No Alerts 

Empty State

In order to give users more control to monitor specific data, I included a Sensor Location Dropdown menu as well as a Time Period Dropdown menu. The Sensor Location Dropdown allows the user to choose individual sensor data to view, while the Time Period Dropdown  allows users to choose a specific timeline in which to view the data.

SBD Full Page - Home (3 Alerts).png
SBD - Sensor Location Dropdown.png
SBD - Time Period Dropdown.png

Graph Functionality

Hide/Show Temperature Controls on Graph

SBD - Click Temp Controls.png
SBD - Hide Temp Line.png

Isolate Data When Hovering on Specific Line on Graph

Weather Graph.png
Weather Graph.png
Weather Graph.png
Weather Graph.png

Dashboard Personalization

Move Panel

Manage dashboard kebab.png
Manage dashboard kebab dropdown menu.png
Manage dashboard kebab dropdown menu-1.png
SBD - Dragging panel.png

Pin Panel

Manage dashboard kebab dropdown menu.png
Manage dashboard kebab dropdown menu-1.png
SBD - Pinned panel.png
In-App Alerts
In-App Alerts

The purpose of In-App Alerts is to alert the user of any urgent items that need to be taken care of when they are not physically on site, but logged on to Terraformation's software "Terraware".

Notification Dropdown

Mark as Read

Home Page -  Notifications Dropdown.png

In-App Alerts


Mark as Resolved

SBD - Click Kebab Menu.png
SBD - Kebab Menu Dropdown.png
SBD - Kebab Menu Dropdown-1.png
SBD - Kebab Menu Dropdown-2.png

Mute Alerts

SBD - Muted Alerts.png
Email/Text Alerts
Email/Text Alerts

Email and text alerts are valuable to the user when they aren't able to log on to their Terraware account but still need to be alerted of action items that need to be resolved in their seed bank. These alerts would be sent to their email address and/or personal phone number.

Gmail Inbox.png
Gmail - Alerts Email Message.png
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