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As a design team, we improved the usability of MGM's internal booking experience when booking stays for high-tier guests.

Intuitive destination, resort, room, and calendar selection

Flexibility to choose and edit guest preferences for these four categories


Streamlined communication between MGM employees and guests

Cut down communication time between MGM employee to guest from 2 weeks to 1-2 days by introducing email confirmations of trip details

Customer Problem

MGM employees have difficulty booking rooms and offers for their VIP guests on their current platform.



Jr. UX Designer
Collaborated w
ith the Lead Designer, Product Manager, User Research and Engineering



Product Requirements

The Book Now experience is meant to provide an intuitive internal tool that improves upon the existing the booking experience for MGM employees who have VIP guests (also known as VIP Hosts/PCOM users). The primary scenario of the VIP Hosts and PCOM users conduct is booking a trip for the guest based on the Perpetual Offers (Las Vegas) or a Power Rank (Regional) offers the guest has acquired based on their loyalty and spending.

These offers are pre-applied to a guests profile in which they are eligible for complimentary ('COMP') room nights at a MGM-owned property. These offers allow our guest the ability to visit LV or a Regional property without having to purchase a hotel room and include certain credits during there stay (ex. food and beverage daily credit of $500 etc.).

Required features:

1. Destination Selection
2. Resort Selection

3. Room Selection

4. Discovery

5. Checkout
6. Navigation

Main Flows and Use Cases

The MVP shows user's "happy path" through Book Now.

Documentation: Designs were documented to be compliant with accessibility standards and dev hand-off ready.



Destination Selection to Room Selection

In order for VIP Hosts/PCOMM users to book rooms for their VIP guests, they need to be able to select a location with an MGM resort and select the resort as well as the length of stay - before moving on to the room selection page.

In most cases, the VIP host will be booking fully comped rooms for the VIP guest, due to their high tier level and rewards points.

Empty State


Room Selection to Reservation Confirmation

After the VIP Host/PCOMM user selects their guest's resort and date range, they can move on to Room Selection. From here, they select which room their guest prefers and continues to confirm their reservation. Once their reservation is confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to the VIP Host/PCOMM user as well as the guest with their trip details.

Since there is no payment required by the VIP Host/PCOMM user when reserving their guest's stay, there's no payment method. Rather, the guests can pay for any additional charges at the resort.



Accessibility documentation

Collaborated with the Accessibility team that the design and documentation was aligned with accessibility standards.

Component documentation

Collaborated with the Design System team to document components that aren't already in the library to ensure a smooth and accurate handoff to developers.

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